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Business Consulting with a big Focus in Telecommunications and connected domains


  • Human resources
  • Transformation and Change Management
  • Strategy …
  • Technical and Telecommunications

  • Telecom network Optim
  • Network design and engineering
  • IT and Systems
  • Platforms and digital transformation
  • Business

  • conduct / commission relevant market reseach in the field of telecommunication, financialL, health and FMCG…
  • market analysis (evolution, tranformation and competition)
  • Business: Business Strategy, Market research, due diligence, assets valuation and inventory…
  • Our Services

    Business Strategy

    Due diligence pre and post-acquisition

    Financial engineering

    Change and transformation management

    Human Resources

    Identification of Opportunities and Appreciation of Opportunity Cost

    IT Systems

    Network design optimization and operation

    Market research and analysis in telecommunications

    Sales and distribution

    News & Blog

    Our partners

    We are working with various partners on very wide areas moving from market research to network optimization and other technology rollout
    With these Partners we have a wide view of the business and experiences coming from great experience from other markets and situations
    One major group is the EXTENSIA BRIDGE ASSOCIATES :
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    Autres partenaires

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