Business Consulting with a big Focus in Telecommunications and connected domains
Whatever the market

The best 360 degrees Business consulting support with ICT as a focus


  • Human resources
  • Transformation and Change Management
  • Strategy …
  • Technical and Telecommunications

  • Telecom network Optim
  • Network design and engineering
  • IT and Systems
  • Platforms and digital transformation
  • Business

  • conduct / commission relevant market reseach in the field of telecommunication, financialL, health and FMCG…
  • market analysis (evolution, tranformation and competition)
  • Business: Business Strategy, Market research, due diligence, assets valuation and inventory…
  • Our partners

    We are working with various partners on very wide areas moving from market research to network optimization and other technology rollout
    With these Partners we have a wide view of the business and experiences coming from great experience from other markets and situations
    One major group is the EXTENSIA BRIDGE ASSOCIATES :
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    Autres partenaires

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